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I am. 

8 Jun

I am the profanity which screams from the sharp glare of the lady’s eyes as she is cat-called and whistled at. 

I am the vengeful text message that the young man types out to his boss, and then presses backspace until aborted.

I am the silent sobs that the newly married woman tries to stifle every night as she lays next to her ball and chain.

I am the shadow of the boy’s unstretched hand, who yearns to hold the doll being handed to his sister. 

I am strong. I am powerful. I am undefeatable. 

I chain the mouths of the men and the women, the young and the old, the rich and the poor. 

I infringe on their rights with empty, but terrifying and plausible threats.

They detest me. They scorn me. They curse me. 

But they forget. 

They created me. 

I am birthed by the patriarchy and the orthodoxy of their society.

I am nourished by their misogyny, stigma, conformity, and intolerance. 

I am the itch in the throat. I am the fist rolled in a punch. I am the tightly clenched teeth. 

I am The Unsaid.