BHU: A Review

17 Dec

Welcome to BHU.

This is the same university that pops up on the second rank when you search for the ‘top ten universities for psychology postgraduation in India’ on google. Second best in India? Second best in what?

This university is so region centric that it denies to cater to the convenience of the few lost and unfortunate souls who landed here from other parts of the country. The university is liable to change the dates of the final semester exams ONE day before the announced date. So you booked your tickets for home in advance and considering the condition of the Indian railways booking system, you won’t get a confirmed ticket for weeks now? Sorry sister, that’s just how they roll.

The university also believes in complicating things in order to make them simple. Simple for? The professors silly! Don’t be surprised if you have six professors teaching you different parts of ONE subject all at the same time. Also, don’t be surprised if at the end of the semester you don’t know which part belongs to which subject. Six times six, thirty six units are being taught to you simultaneously. Cut yourself some slack.

So you are from this elite college where every piece of information regarding classes, syllabus, exam dates, was emailed to you by a very efficient class representative? Well over here, you need to personally go and check at the office everyday for updates. Don’t bother checking the notice board. The information has probably been revised thrice and none of the babus are bothered about putting up a new notice. Remember: It is not about your convenience. It never was.

Be prepared to arrive early for a class after having forgone your breakfast and shower in order to be on time, only to realise that the professor didn’t bother to get out of his warm blanket at nine in the morning or inform you about it. It’s eight degrees bro, the poor man needs his warm snooze.

If you are a girl, brace yourself for the whistles, cat calls and lewd comments when you enter the auditorium to watch a play. No, they are not flattering in any way. They would make you feel naked and so uncomfortable that you would run out with maybe a few tears of frustration, vowing to never come back again.

One final advice, there is no such thing as a deadline in BHU. Whether you missed your assignments, presentations or exams, anything can be fixed by a visit to the professor’s cabin. Just be sure to tell them how awed you are by the way they teach. Or if you happen to belong to the same caste (yes, of the same primitive caste system), he might just offer you a cup of tea and some biscuits.

So I guess it is ranked second in the country for its region centric attitude, flexibility, appreciation of the female beauty and adherence to the comfort of the administration.



One Response to “BHU: A Review”

  1. Nicholas May 20, 2014 at 6:35 am #

    i still say kudos on making it this far … look on the bright side … ur nearly done :3
    oh also, u forgot to mention tht during those visits to the cabin, it helps to dress “appropriately” :3

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