It’s Funny

16 Dec

It’s funny when something that would earlier spread a warm buttery feeling all over your chest, begins to send shots of bile into your throat.

It’s funny when something which had the potential to make you go weak in the knees, starts making your limbs feel paralysed.

It’s funny when the tightening in the chest goes from feeling like an embrace, to coils of ropes wrapped around your lungs.

It’s funny when at the mention of a person, instead of a hundred tiny bulbs lighting all around you, your insides slowly get charred everytime the name is uttered.

It’s funny when instead of your heart skipping a beat, you panic about it not beating at all.

It’s funny when familiarity turns to indifference.

When care turns to apathy.

When love turns to hate.


One Response to “It’s Funny”

  1. Nicholas May 20, 2014 at 6:27 am #

    it truly is quite funny … 1 min, u wanna b arnd the person so much tht it hurts, and the nex min, it hurts to hear or see nythin tht even remotely reminds u of the person … 😐

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