Romance on the beach

30 Oct


The grime and dust of the 32 hours journey in the general compartment of the Sampark Kranti train added to the giddy excitement churning my stomach as I stepped down at the station, at the magical land of Goa. I had heard numerous stories of this wonderland from my friends, and so when the opportunity presented itself, I took it up on an impulse, and nothing could deter my spirit then, not even the lack of comfort of an air conditioned compartment to travel in.

Personally, I find rides on two wheelers the most scintillating, and the best way to travel around Goa is on a rented scooty, which one can rent at an affordable sum of fifty to hundred rupees a day. It was early evening and the weather was pleasantly cold. The wind tousled my open hair and soon I was surging with energy, my aching and cramped muscles no longer screaming for a soft bed. The roads were smooth and clean and soon I was singing out loud old Hindi songs, my heart dancing to the tunes.

I stayed at a small hotel on Calangute beach and sauntered off for dinner at the beach in the evening. I chose a small candlelit table where the water lapped at my feet every few seconds. There was a sweet silage wafting in the air and dim lights twinkled far off somewhere, like fireflies in a bottle. As I sat there gorging on the exquisite local cuisine, basking in the soft radiance of the moon, I felt utter bliss.

I woke up early the next morning, to reach Baga Beach on time for the water sports, grumpy and hungover from the previous night. As soon as I reached the beach, the bright blue of the water and the sky hit me, curing me of the headache and washed over my soul with a calmness. What followed was a day of squeals and giggles, banana boats and jet skis. The highlight of the day for me was para sailing high above the sea, flying with wings of hope and youth. In the evening, I waded through the water, my flip flops in my hand, feeling the wet sand between my toes. I felt at complete harmony with nature, walking along the shore with the setting sun.

Goa is one of the few places which is endowed with both rich aesthetic beauty, and the wildest night life in the country. Be it the old churches in South Goa, the flea market at Anjuna Beach, or partying the night away at Tito’s and Mambos, Goa has it all. One can also drive around and visit nearby waterfalls, a must being the Dudhsagar falls, the highest waterfall in Goa, shot magnificently in the recent movie Chennai Express.

I returned after a small trip of three days, with memories of sunsets perched on huge rocks at Wagator Beach, evenings at the legendary Curlies, braided hair, sundresses, and a tiny tattoo tucked away like a secret, serving as a symbol to the most romantic escapade, the time I gave my heart away to Goa.


One Response to “Romance on the beach”

  1. Nicholas May 12, 2014 at 11:28 am #

    first off, quite a fitting picture …
    second, silage? grass or other green fodder compacted and stored in airtight conditions, typically in a silo, without first being dried, and used as animal feed in the winter. 😛
    tht sentence had me thinking fr awhile 😛

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