Life sucks

14 Sep

My life sucks.

I got drenched in the rain on the way back from work. I forgot to pay my phone bill and now my service is deactivated till tomorrow. I went to the supermarket and they are out of my favourite cupcakes.


My car broke down and I don’t have enough money to get it repaired. I twisted my ankle and now it has swollen to the size of an ogre’s head. My boyfriend broke up with me after three years of relationship.

We curse our lives for a plethora of reasons. They range from everyday trifles to bigger disappointments which seem monstrous at that particular time. We blame the people or situations that put us through these problems, sometimes karma, and sometimes even God. In the process, we fail to realize that it turns us into wretched people who only wallow in self pity.

We all have been taught to appreciate what we have been blessed with and to always look for the silver lining. But sometimes it just seems too dark and the silver seems to have lost its sheen and lacks lustre. No amount of inspirational words help and it just seems easier to drown in the grief and throw the darts of blame on whoever appears on the dartboard.

A lot has been written on these lines and I don’t claim for this to be exceptionally enlightening. I have cursed my life numerous times for a myriad of trivial reasons. Being an escapist by nature, it only seems reasonable to hurriedly pass the parcel of blame before the music stops.

However, today, I want to celebrate all the joys that have been bestowed upon me and for once, not let the tiny leeches of regret suck on my happiness. Not today.

I am thankful for a healthy and happy family. For people I can always have a laugh with. For friends who I know will always be around when I fall. For the sweet smell of a baby. For the rains in the scorching sun and the sun in the nipping cold. For the joys of writing and dancing. For music. For the gift of sight and hearing and able limbs.

For strawberries. For the smell of new books. For colours. For paneer tikka. For sundresses. For the late night shikara ride in Kashmir. For the smile on the homeless man’s face when you fetch him a bottle of water.

For all that I have experienced and for all that there is yet to come.

For life.


2 Responses to “Life sucks”

  1. Nicholas November 14, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

    good point ! 😀
    buuuttttttttt … … … … you left out being thankful for chocolate, cake and ice-cream !!!! -_-
    get your priorities in order Miss ! 😛

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