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Dilli Diaries

25 Oct

As I sit here in my balcony, feeling the cool breeze brush a wisp of hair off my face, the fond memories of my winters spent in Delhi come flooding back to my mind, and a warm blanket of longing engulfs my heart. A slight smile plays on my face as I reminisce about the three years i spent in the magnificent place that is Delhi.

The walk from Red fort to Jama Masjid and the breathtaking view of the vast city from the tallest minar at the masjid.
Catching up with friends, tucked in an alcove at Hauz Khas Fort while the wind carries to us the soft tinkling sound of guitar strings as a group of boys have their jam session somewhere far off.
The auto ride to India Gate late at night with the numbing wind slapping across our faces just to walk aimlessly around there while savouring a kulfi.
The nights spent in the balcony, with an occasional glass of wine as two friends share their deepest secrets with commendable ease.
The mystical charm of Old Delhi hypnotizing us as we walk through the streets of Chandni Chowk, looking for the legendary ‘parathe wali gali’.
Squealing with laughter as we roll down a slope in the beautiful Lodhi Gardens, without a care for the befuddled onlookers.
The vast ruins of Tughlaqabad Fort. Awed as we realized we were standing at the very place, which, hundreds of years ago was busting with women as they bought clothes and jewellery- the original Meena Bazar.
The splendid display of artwork and delicious cuisines from every state in the country at Dilli Haat.
Watching the Ishq-e-Dilli show at Purana Qila, mesmerized by the story of the rich heritage of the city of Mughals and later the British, with the dewdrops falling lightly on our heads.
A day spent at Akshardhaam Temple, where we regressed back to out childhoods as we thought of ourselves as princesses in a beautiful haveli in Rajasthan.
Walking though the lanes of Connaught Place at night. Sitting at the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. Dozing off in the grounds of Jantar Mantar.

I smile wistfully, a feeling of melancholy washing over me, as I yearn to visit the place that always felt like home. I owe to Delhi, for giving me the best three years of my life to cherish forever.